How do I submit and monitor usage?

Submitting usage can either be performed directly in MonetizeNow or via our APIs, whichever option is best for your business, the process is simple and transparent. For direct entry watch our short video for a step-by-step guide to entering usage.

What happens if usage tiers change in the middle of a usage period?

In short, the tiers in effect as of the last day of the usage period are applied to the usage metered for the entire usage period.


Let's say you have updated the price of a customer's usage product mid period. The normal usage period is June 1 to June 30.

Old pricing (Tiered) from June 1 to June 19:

TierUnit price

105 units had been metered up to June 19th.

Amendment processed to effectuate new pricing (tiered) as of June 20:

TierUnit price

Another 95 units are metered from June 20 to June 30th, bringing the total to 200 units.

The Invoice generated on July 1st for June 1 to 30 will price usage as of tiers effective on June 30th without regard for when the usage was metered and other pricing that may have been in effect earlier in the usage period. This is done to ensure no ambiguity in the application of tiers (like in the example above). The Invoice for June 1 to June 30 would be $194, calculated as ($0.99 × 100 units) + ($0.95 × 100 units).