User Testing & Go-Live

Testing is all about comfortability; ensuring MonetizeNow is supporting your monetization and growth efforts as intended. We are confident in our platform and and its capabilities, and want to ensure you feel the same way.

Testing plans will vary from situation to situation. That said, there are several common testing paths that we have seen give our customers confidence in the power, resilience, trust, and autonomy of the MonetizeNow platform.

  • CRM Related:
    • Tracking data changes from CRM through to Quotes
    • Following Contract data such as Incremental ARR back through to CRM
  • Sales Related:
    • Testing triggering of approval and validations as expected
    • Testing dynamic Conditional Terms based on Quote details
    • Testing how the final quote looks and how it appears via DocuSign
  • Finance Related:
    • Tracking Invoices from MonetizeNow to Accounting Software and Chart of Accounts
    • Following Contract changes through to associated credits, invoices, and accounting signals
    • Navigating through an Invoice email and tracking payments through MonetizeNow