Quoting Overview

Key definitions

  • Opportunity: the process of selling to a prospect. Referred to as Opportunity in Salesforce; Deal in HubSpot.
  • Quote: specific proposal to present to a prospect tied to an Opportunity.
  • Contract: signed Quote creates or updates a Contract.


While an Opportunity may have multiple Quotes, only one Quote can be signed per Opportunity, referred to as the Primary Quote.

New Opportunity

For example, a New Opportunity may have 3 Quotes. Suppose Quote 3 is signed by the prospect and the Opportunity is Won. This creates a Contract.

Amendment Opportunity

If a change (e.g. add licenses) were to be made to that Contract during the term, an Amendment Opportunity would be created. It may again have multiple Quotes, of which only one can be signed. An Amendment Quote updates the Initial Contract

Renewal Opportunity

At the end of a Contract, a Renewal Opportunity can be created. The Renewal Opportunity is based on the Contract being renewed. Upon creating and winning a Quote, a new Contract is created.