Creating your first Offering

Let's say your company, Tech Inc., has a SaaS business model that sells access to a platform on a per seat basis, with different prices and billing frequency for Enterprise and SMB customers. Tech Inc. also charges an implementation fee to get customers started successfully.

Step 1. Set up two Products

  • Product 1:
    • Name: Seats
    • Type: Subscription
  • Product 2:
    • Name: Implementation Fee
    • Type: Onetime

Step 2. Set up one Offering

  • Name: Tech Inc. Platform

Step 3. Set up Rates for Enterprise and SMB

SMB Rate:

  • $10,000 onetime implementation fee
  • $100 per month per seat fee billed in advance each month

Enterprise Rate

  • $20,000 onetime implementation fee
  • $2,000 per year per seat fee billed in advance each year for the first 50 seats; $1,500 for each seat thereafter