eSign Integrations

eSign enables your Sales Reps to collect signatures from your prospect / customer and your company's signing contact automatically.

Why would you want to use an eSign experience?

  • Seamless experience for Sales Reps and for customers: You eliminate the need to manually upload the Quote PDF document to an eSign tool, manually insert signature lines, and manually select recipients to sign the document.
  • Data integrity for automated billing and provisioning: eSign ensures that the Quote signed is the correct Quote. If a Quote PDF is downloaded and signed outside of MonetizeNow, it is not certain that the signed Quote was not altered, an old Quote was not used, etc.
  • CRM automatically updated: With eSign, MonetizeNow knows when the Quote document has been signed. MonetizeNow sends that information to your CRM along with the signed Quote document, thus allowing you to automate winning Opportunities.