Bill Groups

Bill groups are a container for billing configuration and billing state that is used when subscriptions and charges are converted to invoices.

Normally you will only need one Bill Group per account, but if you have multiple billing relationships with a customer, such as multiple unrelated contracts, then you will have multiple Bill Groups.

Bill groups are where you configure things like:

  • Which Contact an invoice will be emailed to
  • What payment method to automatically charge each month
  • If invoices will be generated automatically or manually
  • Which dunning process to apply
  • Control when payment is due for newly created invoices

Bill Group Creation Timing

Automatically from a Quote

When a new quote is created on an account and moved to Processed status, a Contract and a Bill Group will be automatically created and configured based on the quote's configuration.

You can optionally create a Bill Group prior to creating the first quote and select the bill group during the Quote creation process.

Once a Bill Group is associated to a Contract, it becomes locked and cannot be associated to any other net-new Quotes. It will maintain it's relationship to any future renewal Contracts.


Bill groups created from a Quote are owned by the Contract. For these Bill Groups, some fields cannot be modified.

Manually for Self-Service

If you are selling to a customer without a contract (self-serve), then you will manually create the Bill Group before or during the subscription creation process.