Which version of DocuSign should I get for integration with MonetnizeNow?

MonetizeNow requires the DocuSign Connect feature which enables APIs on your plan.

As a result, we recommend,

  • The BusinessPro plan if you need an account for the API and less than 20 team members
  • The Developer plan if you need an account for the API and more than 20 team members

How many user licenses do I need?

Just one license is needed, however, it needs to be the one with DocuSign Connect (which enables the API feature).

How do I set the user name from which DocuSign emails will be sent?

Can I add additional users (Cc) who can receive the DocuSign?

Under development

Can the receiver of DocuSign reassign signing privileges to someone else?

Under development.

Can I see who has signed the DocuSign so far?

Under development

I am being told that DocuSign was not received. Can I resend or remind it?

Resending a DocuSign is just 1-click. Simply click the 3-Dots Settings Icon, followed by "Retract Esign". From here you are free to re-send the Quote via DocuSign. Note that while reminder email settings can be configured directly in DocuSign, the best practice we recommend is to retract and resend a new DocuSign envelope to resent the expiry and ensure it is always up-to-date.