Which version of DocuSign should I get for integration with MonetnizeNow?

MonetizeNow requires the DocuSign Connect feature which enables APIs on your plan.

As a result, we recommend,

  • The BusinessPro plan if you need an account for the API and less than 20 team members
  • The Developer plan if you need an account for the API and more than 20 team members

How many user licenses do I need?

Just one license is needed, however, it needs to be the one with DocuSign Connect (which enables the API feature).

How do I set the user name from which DocuSign emails will be sent?

Can I add additional users (Cc) who can receive the DocuSign?

Under development

Can the receiver of DocuSign reassign signing privileges to someone else?

Under development.

Can I see who has signed the DocuSign so far?

Under development

I am being told that DocuSign was not received. Can I resend it?

To re-send a DocuSign, currently, you would need to click "Edit Quote" and then resubmit the Quote and then send it through DocuSign. Note that if any approvals are required, they will have to be sought again. We are working to improve this functionality so that no repeat approvals will be needed in the future.