Architecture Overview

  • Enterprise Product catalog - Flexible, Extensible, Powerful product catalog purpose-built to handle enterprise-grade selling complexity of subscriptions, one-time, and usage
  • API-centric architecture - Enables selling across all sales channels - Website (PLG), CRM, Resellers, In-Product, and even Marketplaces
  • CPQ (Configure Price Quote) for SaaS - A powerful and flexible quoting engine that works across all sales channels
  • Modern Billing Engine - A feature-rich billing engine that supports both the high-volume/low-dollar/low-complexity transactions from the website and the low-volume/high-dollar/high-complexity transactions for enterprise customers
  • Massively Scalable Usage Engine - Supports complex usage models and ability to send billions of events daily
  • Robust Connector Framework - Real-time bi-directional connection with CRM, Accounting System, Payment processors and Tax processors.
  • Provisioning and Entitlements - Ability to store the entitlements and auto-provision accounts using Webhooks
  • Robust Reporting - We provide a combination of in-product reporting, the ability to run SQL queries (with an intuitive UI) on any data in our system and the ability to export data to your own data lake