Internal / Customer View

What is it

Regardless of the Quote Stage, users can seamlessly swap between viewing the Quote creation screen (Internal View to your company) and finalized view sent to your customer for signature (View for your prospect / customer).

Changing between Internal and External View does not impact editability of any Quote data. Once a Quote has progressed beyond Edit Stage, most Quote data may not be edited.

Common use cases

As a Quote Approver, you may want to look at detailed configuration or information not shown to customers on the Quote PDF to aide in your approve / reject decision. For example:

  • List price
  • Additional tiers beyond those shown in the Quote
  • Billing schedule

To do so, you may change to Internal View while the Quote remains in Review Stage.

As a Sales Rep creating a Quote, you might want to see what your prospect / customer will see while you are still creating the Quote.

To do so, you may change to Customer View while the Quote remains in Edit Stage.