MonetizeNow syncs Invoices, Customers and related data with NetSuite so that you can perform accounting accurately.

Configuring Netsuite

Configuration Overview

Netsuite Documentation


  1. Ensure REST web-services is enabled
  2. Create a role with the right permissions
  3. Assign the role to a new user
  4. Create an application
  5. Create access tokens
  6. Find your Account ID
  7. Configure the Netsuite connection

Ensure REST web-services is enabled

Setup > Company > Enable Features

Choose the SuiteCloud tab

Ensure REST WEB SERVICES is checked

Save if required

Create a new User role

To grant access to the Netsuite, you need to create a user role to get Access Tokens using Token-Based Authentication. Ensure you are logged in to Netsuite as an Administrator.

Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles > New

Select the permissions for this role

The following Permissions are required:

TransactionsCredit MemoEdit
TransactionsCustomer Deposit (potential future use)Create
TransactionsCustomer PaymentEdit
TransactionsCustomer RefundEdit
TransactionsFind TransactionView
TransactionsPosting Period on TransactionsEdit
ReportsSuiteAnalytics WorkbookEdit
ListsCustom Record EntriesEdit
ListsPerform SearchView
ListsPublish SearchView
ListsRecord Custom FieldEdit
ListsRelated ItemsEdit
SetupAccess Token ManagementFull
SetupCustom Entity FieldsView
SetupCustom FieldsView
SetupCustom Record TypesView
SetupLog in using Access TokensFull
SetupREST Web ServicesFull
SetupSOAP Web ServicesFull
SetupUser Access TokensFull
SetupView SOAP Web Service LogsFull
SetupCustom Record - If you are using custom records for any entities, you may need to configure something hereEdit

Create an integration user

This step is recommended, but optional. If you choose to use an existing user, then make sure that the newly created role is assigned to your user.

Lists > Employees > New

Enter the user details (e.x. MonetizeNow Integration)

Assign the newly created role from the previous step

Create an Integration Application

Setup > Integrations > Manage Integrations

You can use an existing integration, if you have one, or create a new one

  • Name MonetizeNow Integration App
  • Token-Based Authentication
    • Select "Token-Based Authentication" and "TBA: Authorization Flow"
    • Callback URL https://integrations.monetizeplatform.com/vault/callback
  • OAuth2
    • Select "Authorization Code Grant" and "Rest Web Services"
    • Redirect URI https://integrations.monetizeplatform.com/vault/callback

ℹ️ Once saved, make sure to copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret

Create Access Tokens

Setup > Users/Roles > Access Tokens

Choose the application and user created in prior steps.

Choose a token name such as MonetizeNow Integration Token.

ℹ️ Once saved, make sure to copy the Token Id and Token Secret

Obtain your Account ID

Go to Setup > Company > Company Information and note your Account Id.

Configuring MonetizeNow

In MonetizeNow, got to Setup > Integrations > Accounting and select NetSuite.

Fill out the form with the data obtained in the prior steps.

Matching Field for Customer Lookup

When MonetizeNow encounters a Customer that has not been seen previously, MonetizeNow can attempt to match the Account with an existing NetSuite Customer.

If you would like this behavior, choose an option which contains the data that you would like to use to match to an existing Netsuite Customer. If no match is found, the Customer will be created in NetSuite.

NetSuite Item External ID

MonetizeNow expects that your product catalog has been created in NetSuite manually. Choose which field in MonetizeNow will be used to match up to the item in NetSuite.
In NetSuite, the value of this field should be added as the "Item Name/Number"