What is Broken about the existing RevOps architecture?

Traditional RevOps architecture is a rigid architecture with a separate suite of systems for all sales channels which creates unnecessary friction and a giant bottleneck for revenue growth. This architecture is costly both in terms of time and money as it takes massive and ongoing professional services to connect and re-connect these systems with every new GTM motion. Worse, this perpetuates a bad customer experience by making it hard to do business with you and related side effects of hard-to-understand sales quotes, incorrect invoices, inability to add new features easily through self-serve, rigid pricing model etc.,

What is Unique about MonetizeNow?

MonetizeNow enables a "centralized" revenue architecture and acts as a single system of truth for all your GTM motions across all sales channels. Our unique architecture allows us to grow with your business so that you can run your first dollar and your first billion dollars through our platform.

How can I use MonetizeNow for my business?

MonetizeNow Platform can be used in one of the following two modes

  • CPQ-only and Billing including Usage Billing later - This is relevant for later-stage companies with an established billing system. In this mode, MonetizeNow platform serves the need of the CPQ/Quoting platform with the billing engine working in a standby mode. Finance teams can later decide whether they want to continue with the existing billing system and with all its challenges specifically error-prone and manual transfer of data from the CRM to the Billing system or they want to opt-in for the MonetizeNow Billing engine which automatically generates matching invoice with zero manual intervention.
  • CPQ and Billing including Usage - This is relevant for early stage companies that want to consolidate all their GTM motions in one Plaform

Separately, we enable the following use cases as well

  • Self-serve - This is relevant for companies across any stage where the desire is to support self-serve channel for any of the following use cases:
    • New deals on your website aka PLG (Product Led Growth)
    • In-app Amendments (upgrades)
    • In-app Renewals (especially for low ACV deals)
  • Consumption-based Billing - Whether your business model is entirely consumption-based or your are just experimenting with the usage.

What’s Next