Salesforce best practices

We've picked up a few tips and tricks from our expert Salesforce CRM customers and partners.


More best practices will be added in the future

Flexibility in certain Salesforce Validation Rules

Salesforce Validation Rules seem absolute. And often they should be! E.g., A Contact is required to move an Opportunity beyond x stage. That should always be true!

But, situations exist where you might want a little wiggle room.

  • E.g., You are likely tracking New and Upsell Opportunities as different Opportunity Types or Opportunity Record Types.
  • To enforce this, you set up a Validation Rule that a New Opportunity can only be Won when no other Won Opportunities exist on the Account.
  • But there's an exception: a customer churns and comes back.
    • The standard approach is to disable the Validation Rule, move the Opportunity to Won, and then re-enable the Validation Rule. This comes with risk though! Another AE could unknowingly break your Validation Rule while it is turned off.
  • What's the solution for situations like this? Exempt System Administrators from Validation Rules like this where you want a bit of wiggle room.