Users & Roles

MonetizeNow supports role-based access control with Users

MonetizeNow supports the following User roles:

Tenant AdminFull Permissions to take any action in the tenant
Sales ManagerCan create and edit sales teams and view all quotes
Billing AdminCan view and edit all accounts, read-only access to all quotes, and can make changes to billing settings and configuration
BillingCan view and edit all accounts and bill groups and has read-only access to all quotes
Billing Read OnlyCan view all accounts and bill groups and has read-only access to all quotes
Approver OnlyCan only see the approvals dashboard and any quotes where they are an approver
Sales AdminCan view all quotes and accounts, and can make changes to quote settings and configuration
SalesCan create and edit accounts and quotes. Can only view quotes that they own.
Sales Read OnlyRead-only access to all quotes
Sales FullCan view and edit all quotes and accounts
Settings Read OnlyRead-only access to all settings and product catalog

Each User can have one or more roles.

Key Functionality

Role NameCreate / Edit UsersEdit Tenant SettingsCreate / Edit Product CatalogCreate / Edit AccountsCreate / Edit QuotesView / Approve QuotesView Finance DashboardInvoice View
Tenant AdminYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Billing AdminYesYesYesYesYes
Billing Read OnlyYes*Yes*Yes*
Approver OnlyYes**
Sales AdminYesYesYes**
Sales Read OnlyYes*
Sales FullYesYesYes
Settings Read OnlyYes*Yes*

*Indicates that they can only view and not edit

**Indicates they can only access items they are specifically added to or create themselves

Detailed Role Breakdown

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