Lifecycle: Subscriptions

After the contract is signed, provisioning i.e., creating the account for the end customer with the corresponding products with the right licenses, etc., has typically been done manually. This step involved the sales teams or ops teams going to an internal tool where they needed to manually replicate what was sold to the customer. This was a time-consuming and error-prone process.

With MonetizeNow the above workflow can be completely automated using Webhooks.

Subscription Start

The webhook to use for provisioning is "subscription.created" - this webhook contains information about the specific subscription (which corresponds to an Offering) that was turned on in MonetizeNow. As a refresher, the following is the mapping between relevant entities

Subscription EntityProduct Catalog Entity
Subscription1:1 with (Offering, Rate)
Subscription Item1:1 with (Offering,Product)

The webhook contains information about specific quantities for each product so relevant seats/licenses can be turned on.

Subscription End

The webhook to use for de-provisioning is "subscription.status.changed"

More details coming shortly