Tenant Time Zone

All dates in MonetizeNow are stored as a Date and Time in the UTC time zone. This allows for consistent treatment of all dates and integrations to your other systems (e.g. CRM, Accounting) that may operate using a different time zone.

But, your users expect to see dates (e.g. Invoice Dates) in a time zone they are familiar with and see the same data as their colleagues and their customers, who may be in a different time zone.

To solve this, MonetizeNow allows Admins to set a Tenant Time Zone, which is used to display all Dates within the MonetizeNow application (excluding Reporting, which displays in UTC but can be converted using SQL).

To aid in user understanding, when hovering on Dates in MonetizeNow, users will see a reference to the time zone.


What time zone should I choose for my Tenant?

  • We recommend aligning the time zone of your CRM, Accounting System, and MonetizeNow to your Head Office's time zone so that your users and customers are all familiar with the time zone

What is the impact of the tenant time zone on integrations?

  • MonetizeNow shares the date, time, and time zone with integrated systems. Most integrated systems will allow for a similar time zone setting or display data in each user's time zone.