Product Catalog Overview

Product Catalog is the data model that defines how you can package and price your service.

The Product Catalog defines how products can be sold, packaged, and and priced. It is one of the key building blocks of Quoting and Billing tools.

The MonetizeNow Product Catalog is designed to be easy to set up while also maintaining flexibility as you scale. This is critical to enabling your business to quickly and easily:

  • Add products
  • Adjust billing frequencies (e.g. monthly, annual)
  • Experiment with new pricing structures (e.g. usage)
  • Add GTM motions (e.g. self-serve Product-Led and Sales-Led hybrid)

The Product Catalog is comprised of 3 key components:

  • Products: What can be sold
  • Offerings: A package of Products sold together
  • Rates: Detailed prices, frequency (e.g. monthly, annual, one-time), and currencies

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