1. Set Up Company

1. Set Up Company

Add your company information which is displayed on Quotes and Invoices

Upload your company logo and address for end-customer interactions.

Every interaction with an end-customer is an opportunity to reaffirm your brand's value and make every touchpoint a best-in-class experience. MonetizeNow's Quotes, emails, and Invoices are the key points of visual interaction with an end-customer and we are keen to make those exceptional.

Set up is simple,

  • Navigate to Settings > Company Setting, and select New Entity. Link.
  • Upload the logo and business information that will accompany your key end-customer interactions

You can create as many entities as you'd like to customize your MonetizeNow assets. We recommend one entity for each combination of business geography and sub-brand. This allows you to have different products, style, and currencies for each sub-business and create the exact experience you want for your end customers.

Add your team members to MonetizeNow.

Adding all of your relevant team members across the organization into the MonetizeNow platform is as simple as . navigating to Settings > Users & Roles, and selecting Invite Users.Link.

Selecting the right roles for your team can be challenging in some platforms - you want to give your team as much access as they need, but no more - but not in MonetizeNow. Check out our Roles Recommendations page for detailed descriptions on roles and what we recommend for common team structures.

  • Input MSA and/or terms & conditions that will accompany your contracts and invoices.
  • Create approval and validation rules to guide your team towards best practices.

What’s Next

Continue onboarding.