Trials tend to have a few unique characteristics vs. regular sales:

  • Time-bound
  • Discounted or free
  • Have a different set of products, entitlements, user count, etc.

These attributes are all handled in MonetizeNow’s product catalog.

To set up a trial, either use existing Offerings and Products or set up new ones to model the entitlements and specific rules of your trial. Then, create a Rate that uniquely models your trial. For example, the Rate could be priced at $0.

Then, for each customer onboarded to a Trial, create a Quote using our self-serve API to best model the trial. For example, let’s say a trial was offered for 2 weeks. Call our self-serve APIs to create this Quote with your trial rate for 14 days.

Converting Trial customers to Fixed Contracts

Let’s say the trial was successful and you wish to convert the customer from their 14 day trial to an annual agreement.

Call our self-serve API to create an Amendment that adds a change efective at day 15 to the regularly priced Rate.