API Breaking Change Policy

Definitions and guidelines for breaking change policy


This API Breaking Change Policy document outlines the guidelines and procedures for managing breaking changes to MonetizeNow APIs. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that API consumers are informed about changes that might impact their integrations and to provide them with adequate resources for a smooth transition.


A breaking change is a change that may require you to make changes to your application in order to avoid disruption to your integration. Examples of breaking changes include

  • Removal of API endpoints or request parameters or response fields
  • Changes to data format returned by the API endpoints
  • Addition of required parameters
  • Modification to the behavior of an existing API

A non-breaking change is a change that developers can adopt at their own discretion and pace without disruption. Some examples of this include

  • Addition of new endpoints
  • New request fields, new required request fields with default values, new fields in responses
  • Changes to error messages.

Policy Guidelines

Types of Breaking Changes

  1. Major: These changes require a new major version and indicate the backward compatibility is not guaranteed
  2. Minor: These changes introduce new features while maintaining backward compatibility. Consumers may need to adjust their code to use the new features.


For Major breaking changes, we will version the API resource with the version being indicated in a version header

Deprecated Features

Before removing any endpoints, the API will be deprecated. During the deprecation period, clear documentation about the features impending removal will be provided to API consumers

Communication Channels

Breaking changes will be communicated through the following channels:

  • API documentation update
  • Developer newsletters or announcements
  • Email notifications to registered API consumers