Getting Started

The MonetizeNow APIs are RESTful libraries that enable developers to integrate with the MonetizeNow platform for the complete revenue life cycle.


The preferred authentication method is a generated API key.

Getting an API Key

You can request your API Key from your MonetizeNow tenant:

  1. Navigate to the Settings -> API Keys page to generate an API key for your tenant.

  1. Click New Api Key.
  2. Enter a name for the key as an identifier.
  3. Click Ok.

  1. Copy and store your key in a safe place.
    For security reasons, this is the only time we display it.
  2. Click Ok.

You can now use this API key to interact with all MonetizeNow APIs.

Configuring Destinations

MonetizeNow uses Prequel to integrate with data warehouse destinations. The process for connecting to destinations varies by the brand of data warehouse. See the Prequel documentation for instructions on configuring your destinations.


The MonetizeNow API provides pagination attributes for methods that return multiple records.

pageSize indicates the number of elements in the page.

currentPage indicates the page to start with.

Use currentPage and pageSize to return a sublist from a list of sorted resources where the sort criteria is defaulted or set via API:

GET /api/accounts?currentPage=3&pageSize=20

Error Handling

The MonetizeNow API follows standard RESTful error handling. It returns the following error types:

Bad request400The request submitted was not acceptable.
Missing parameters or a malformed request body will produce this error
Resource not found by ID404The request submitted an identifier that does not match a record for the target entity.
Resource is not in the required state409The identified resource is not an eligible target.
For example, attempting to restore an offering that has not been archived returns a 409.
Internal server error500An unexpected error occurred. Contact MonetizeNow Support.