Product Catalog API

Use the MonetizeNow Product Catalog API to power the pricing section of your website



Self-service APIs are under active development and are not subject to our breaking change policy.


For presenting pricing on your website to your customers, you need to decide where the product and pricing information is sourced from.

Because MonetizeNow is home to your billing product catalog and owns pricing, this is usually the best data source to power your website as updates to product definition and pricing will be driven based on your MonetizeNow configuration.

If you have a small product portfolio or very rarely make pricing and product definition changes, then you may choose to hard-code all of your product and pricing information on your website without having it sourced directly from MonetizeNow.

Review our Product Catalog documentation for an overview on how to configure your Product Catalog.

API Definition

GET /api/selfService/productCatalog?currency=USD

Query ParameterDescriptionRequired
currency3-digit currency ISO codefalse, will use your tenant default currency if not provided
activationDateOptional date if you want to utilize offerings or rates that are not currently active.
This is generally to aid in testing where you want to utilize rates which are not yet released.
false, will use current date-time if not provided

This API will return all of the offerings, rates, and quantity bounds for each product within the rate.



Even if you are not using the Product Catalog API to drive your website, you will still need to reference the offerings, rates, and products when using the Sign-Up API and and Contract Management API APIs.